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Printing in India
Today, Printing in India is a well developed and booming industry. Big printing units in India are not only producing world class products, but also exporting their services to countries across the world. This proves the quality and price competitiveness of Printing in India. Overall, the printing industry in India is an aggregate of cottage industries (especially screen printing), thousands of small printers, mid size printing units, pre press units, post production units, specialty printers and a few large integrated units.
Printing company
Printing company is a rather loosely used word in India. In fact during the twentieth century, small medium firms developed a tremendous fascination for the term “company”. Smallest of shops take pride in adding the suffix “company” to their names! Broadly speaking, Printing company refers to printing presses (as opposed to publishers themselves) that offer their services in the open market. The term printing company may also be used to indicate a fairly large printing facility.
Book printers
Book printers is arguably the biggest chunk of the print industry. From text books to common interest books, the domestic and the export markets are fairly large. Book printers in India is a fairly specialized lot, especially given the fact that a large part of books are printed in single colour with a multi-colour cover. Also specific post printing processes such as binding makes the book printing a typical print job.
Offset printing
Offset printing is the most popular printing process as also the most cost efficient and fast. This loosely used term convers a wide variety of printing processes, though not very different from one another. Offset printing is a highly mechanized, high quality process that offers very high speed and quality and a low unit cost and is obviously suited for high print runs. Today, almost all high volume printing is done in offset. Be it printing a book or printing a brochure or posters, handouts, magazines and even newspapers they all use different forms of Offset printing.
Printing Signages
The world of Signages is a big and interesting one. Commercial signages (factories, stores, offices, etc.) are a very vital face of the business and these come in an amazing variety of materials, treatments and processes. This include the age old horticulture treatment wherein a formation of colourful shrubs is used to create the logo. And then there is wood, stone, metal, neon, acrylic, plastic and a combination of any of these. Printing Signages is a relatively new concept. And is a replacement of painting signages. Signages are printed using digital printing techniques.
Stationery Printing
Stationery printing is one the most common services used even by the smallest of businesses. Business cards, letterheads and printed invoices form entry level printing needs at the bottom of the pyramid. Stationery printing market is usually catered to by small printers who employ not more than 2-3 people. Interestingly, often even big companies rely on such vendors for their Stationery printing.

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